HArbor is a breathtaking healthcare delivery platform designed for doctors. A ‘Health Arbor’ integrates healthcare stakeholders & bridges them together to enhance care quality and patient’s experience. A doctor-centric healthcare solution, which is easy to use & incidental for creating sustainable and standard healthcare operations across facilities. Leveraging next-gen technologies in its simplest forms, let’s make healthcare more accessible globally!

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HArbor is a platform with connected nodes. HArbor successfully bridges doctors in OPD centers using AI enabled HArborHeal to radiologists & pathologists in diagnostic centers through HArborDiagnoz, connected with their pathological, radiological and other machines for report creation using IOT and HArborPACS. General administration for Retail Healthcare is taken care by HArborGreet which inturn is supported by state-of-art HArborTouch - A self help automated kiosk for reception desks. Advantages of all these connected nodes are passed on to the patients through HArborFit, allowing them to be connected to the Doctors via virtual telehealth consultation.

  • Fast & Easy
  • Secure & Efficient
  • Light & Lovable
“AI will not replace physicians. However, physicians who use AI will replace those who do not “


Solving deep domain healthcare limitations with specially designed solutions on HArbor platform


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Features & Benefits

Carefully designed platform focussed on easing operations in peak hours

Say ‘Hello’ to ePrescription

Eliminating paper prescription and documentation trail to keep an electronic record of treatment medications and reports, HArbor platform benefits out-patient management by:

  • Speeding up work efficiency
  • Reduce False prescription
  • Reduce endless piles of paper documents
  • Patients treatment details in their mobile phones
  • Appointment Management Made Easy

    Once enrolled with a medical facility, patients can make appointments, subsequent follow-ups from the comfort of their homes. With HArbor network patients can check the real-time availability of their healthcare provider and book the slot accordingly. Since doctor’s business setup is no longer required, patient can book appointments in the future according to doctor’s availability.

    Immediate Care with Patient Identifier

    HArbor network enables patients to get personalised and immediate care, even when the patient is not in the care zone using unique PATIENT IDENTIFICATION number. With patient’s health details on a single platform, doctors can easily differentiate between emergency and regular patients.

    Smart Email & SMS Reminders

    SSimple appointment scheduling saves numerous working hours for doctors and eliminate unnecessary hospital visits for their patients. HArbor’s Unlimited automated SMS and email reminder feature assist health care providers to:

  • Reduce no shows
  • Remind the patient’s appointments
  • Medication timings
  • Do’s & don’t instructions during the treatment
  • A Complete EHR

    HArbor provides an intuitive electronic health record system in India with a silent integration of EMR and PHR. The EHR has a collection of health data from the patient's care history, making further treatment for doctor-in charge easy! HArbor’s comprehensive EHR module is recommended to:

  • Improve overall work efficiency of health care providers
  • Reducing the occurrence of errors
  • Satisfactory work experience for medical staff, administrative personnel
  • Business Improvement Indicators

    Leave the business to HArbor, for doctors focus on what they do the best - treating patients! With HArbor, get their own KPI with significant performance indicators to make practice more approachable with maximum patient engagement

    PRIVACY, Not just a promise!

    HArbor platform is improbable to leaks or privacy breaches as it has various measures to ensure safety of the records created in our systems

  • Role-Based Access Control
  • 100% automatic data backup every night on a disaster recovery server
  • Normal text conversion into encrypted cipher text using SHA 512 algorithm
  • User activity tracking
  • Supports Low Bandwidth & Slow Internet Connections

    HArbor’s telehealth feature functions in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G networks. Irrespective of the network preferences, access HArbor platform anywhere! Experience the advanced healthTech at any location in the lowest bandwidth.

    Local Language Support

    Increase your audience reach with a system that serves beyond a single language user. Our multi-lingual feature provides easy service access to your patients with major regional languages to better patient engagement

    Artificially intelligent

    Healthcare platform of today & tomorrow! A state-of-the-art clinical decision support system to provide medical assistance to doctors leveraging AI. HArbor’s AI system assists in:

  • Minimizing over and under-triage
  • Analyse patient’s data to make a patient-specific recommendation to the doctor
  • Combines multiple data sources to help clinicians for better diagnosis & treatment
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